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Please Report ACTUAL EXPERIENCE With Simmons Blazer Scopes

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There has been lots of conversation lately concerning how Simmons Blazer scopes "are not highly regarded" by the RFC community, or that they are Chinese junk (no offense intended to the Chinese sailing community), but no one lately has related any first-hand experience with these scopes, either good or bad.

One in particular I am curious about is the one Midway has on sales right now - a Simmons Blazer AO 6-24x50 with 1/8 MOA adjustments and target turrets, model number 800517.

So please comment on any personal experiences you may have had, either positive or negative, with Simmons Blazer scopes in general, and/or the one mentioned above in particular.

I'm a very newby to optics, so please forgive my apparent ignorance - it is real!