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Please Help! Problem with my 1416 D KL

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Just got the 1416 D in, and like an idiot, I apparently put the bolt in without first "cocking" it! I even read the tag saying to do so, but I thought it WAS cocked. Apparently not. Now the bolt is about half way in, but won't go any further forward, nor will it release to come back out!

Please tell me there is a "fix" for this! Or, will I have to take it to an Anschutz place and have it torn down?

Thanks for all your help! Other than this mishap, the gun came in from Champion Shooters in perfect condition and right on time! I am so anxious to shoot it, but feel like a total idiot right now.

Hope I don't have to drive all the way down to Colorado Springs, 60 miles from here to have the nearest Anschutz expert fix my stupid mistake!
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Theres a lever on the left...

the safety needs to be off and you have to pull the trigger as pushing the little lever forward. If the safe is on, it defeats the trigger. Thats why the safe needs to be off.

A little tip about tightening the stock screws...start both and tighten the rear screw first and then the one in front of the clip. This seats the action properly. There is a small sleeve that acts like a pillar in the rear.

Then find an ammo that works and don't worry about cleaning the bore if its a .22 LR.
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