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Pistol transformed into Carbine Legal?

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Hello everyone,

I don't know where else to ask this question. Is it legal to transform a single shot centerfire pistol into a carbine by adding my own stock? Is there a barrel length issue? The barrel is only about 10" now. If anyone has info about it or where to ask it I would appreciate it. Thanks in advance :) .
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If you are in the US of A the answer is yes as it applies to the action, however the barrel must be 16" long and if memory serves the minimum overall length is 26". I have read that once a handgun is converted to a rifle it cannot be reverted back to a handgun legally(dunno if thats true or not, there were exceptions written specifically for the T/C contender). In addition, I believe it is possible to apply for a manufacturers permit to construct a short barrelled rifle, paperwork very similar to applications for constructing suppressors. If you could contact a class 3 dealer he/she may be able to answer more, or you could go the the BATF website and inquire.
Hope this helps,
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