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Pig Roast = Deer Roast

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Has anyone tried Roasted Deer (kinda like a pig roast)?

First I've got to start with the story:

Last year I shot a small yearling doe (100lbs dressed) with the bow that had a fawn with. The main reason I shot her was becuase I one of my coworkers said I want a deer, dont let any small ones go by. Well I'm sitting on this clover field waiting for a buck and out pops this doe and fawn, soon to be joined by more does. So its getting on towards dark in early October and my first bowhunting season is going by rather quickly or so I thought. I decided I hadnt even drawn back on one deer. So I grunt and this doe comes trotting over turns broadside and looks at me at about 30 yards. Thwap. Doe runs off and dies. I field dress her and transported her to a friends unfinished shop. We peeled the hide off to cool the meat and left her hanging. Couldn't contact my coworker that night. The next morning I go out to check on my deer and the friend that I had taken the deer to, said why dont we just eat her :confused: The whole thing? Thats alot of meat. So I went off to school and my friend and his dad stuck her on their pig roaster. Stuck a slab of bacon in each armpit and a chicken and two cornish game hens in the cavity and rapped with chicken wire. Cooked for 7 hours.

MMMMmmm..... GOOD :p :p :p :D

I was just wondering if anyone else had tried this?

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To Be Repeated

I talked to the same friend the other night about this post and he laughed and said yea we are going to do it again this year to. :D :eek: Hell yea. Last years was absolutly awesome and they think they can make it better if they let if hang for 2 days and let the meat age a little. MMMM....

They also have a 250 give or take 50 pound black bear eating garabage and knocking down neighbors bird feeders. Mmm. Bear Roast.

I have had many deer roasts.Friends claim they would never eat venison but at the end of the night it is all gone.Most ask if I am going to have anotherone next year.I usually go every other year.
We roast a Deer and a pig each year in october at the farm, sort of a harvest over celebration for family and friends. We stack hay bales around the inside of the barn for chairs with a huge table in the middle with BBQ sauce, pickles, olives, and Very sharp cheddar cheese and of course alot of homemade pies and cakes.We take the kids on a hay ride,and most of the men usually hang around the roaster and sample some other homemade goodies,(the liquid kind).Our roaster is made out of a fueloil tank and is mounted on a trailer.The Deer is always a small yearling doe or spike.The only thing to do with big bucks, is to give them to friends who beg for venison.Hopefully, friends you don't particularly care for!!
One thing about the Bear

I Dont know from experance but my Buddy Eats a lot of Bear
the ones that get killed off the Trash Dumps are Verry Nasty Tasting He said But if you get one that eats more Natural Foods
they are Quite Good

Just my thoughts

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