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Piece of Junk Magazines

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I 've had it with this rifle. My 59722mag Hvy Brl. , is accurate and when the mags work FUN to shoot , but these mags suck. I can never get more that 5 / 6 round to work if I put the limit, the last two won't cycle. I hate these magazines! My Ruger10/22 mag with all the custom upgrades is a far superior weapon. I'm ready to sell this gun and the 7 or 8 steel mags....My buddy wants to trade me a 10/22T for the 597...May take him up on it. :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
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597 in l7HMR Magazine is crap too.

I got a new 597 in .17HMR less than a week ago. I have shot all 3 available brands of ammo. It is very accurate with the Remington ammo(.2" at 25 yards), but with the Remington ammo, I had misfires. It seemed like a round would be weak, or underpowered and following that round, the hammer would not be cocked, so when I pulled the trigger, nothing happened and I had to cycle a round by hand to get the gun going again. That said, I had very good performance from the other 2 brands, except that the magazine failed to raise the front end of the bullet enough to clear the front edge of the magazine with all the brands of ammo, when there were more than 5 rounds loaded. Also, when trying to load the magazine, there was a tendency for the bullet to slip down beside the bullet already in there instead of staying on top of it as I pressed it down. Remington has good guns in the 597 line, but really does need to get down to the business of making some good magazines for them. Magazines are the biggest if not only complaint that I hear about 597's in all the calibers.
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