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Piece of Junk Magazines

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I 've had it with this rifle. My 59722mag Hvy Brl. , is accurate and when the mags work FUN to shoot , but these mags suck. I can never get more that 5 / 6 round to work if I put the limit, the last two won't cycle. I hate these magazines! My Ruger10/22 mag with all the custom upgrades is a far superior weapon. I'm ready to sell this gun and the 7 or 8 steel mags....My buddy wants to trade me a 10/22T for the 597...May take him up on it. :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
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I must be special...

Other than loading it so the rim of a round goes behind the rim of the round below it (although I cant do that even when I try) cant see why it wont feed.
I've managed to do that more than a couple times already...and I just got my 597 LR thursday, and have only been to the range to shoot twice! It wasn't as much a problem with 22LR ammo, as it was with CCI CB Long's, which are slightly shorter than LR ammo...just enough that I can push too hard and pop the rim over the previous bullet.
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