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Picked up my Model 17

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Well I went ahead and picked it up the Model 17 I had on lay-away. It's got a little more blue wear than I noticed the first time I looked at it, and I didn't see that little piece of the grip that's broken off, but they don't really matter. I'll probably replace the grips anyway.

I was told by a fellow on "The High Road" that it was made in 1971.

I took it "down the hill" when I got home and ran a dozen or so rounds through it. It rolled a can around just fine. :)
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CajunBass, that is a fine looking revolver.:bthumb:
It appears that it has a little holster wear, but that doesn't hurt anything. It will last you a lifetime and then some.
That way I won't have to worry about rather to carry it or not. :D

That shiney spot on the barrel is just flash reflection. The ejector rod is pretty much down to white metal though. It's been shot a few times I'd say. Still tight as a tick. :bthumb:

Anybody know what those grips are? They seem quite comfortable. I took them off and found the letters AJ...something on the inside. No idea if they mean anything or not.
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