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Forester, thanks for posting the picture. I seldom get to see my best side.

For what it's worth, I like to hang on to a rifle when I shoot. Really haven't tried free recoil with the new rifle. I guess I didn't realize I had a death grip. I do know that if my rifle moves, it means an 8 or 9 at 12 o'clock. My trigger finger is not part of the grip. This rifle has a .7 oz trigger. Not much room there for gripping.

That is a Cowen rest, also new to me. Still have to play with the new toys to see what is going to work best. Also have to learn the rifle and how it reacts to different conditions. I'm shooting old lot Lapua multimatch ultra. The rifle seems to like it pretty well. Shooting in a 10 mph crosswind, the points missed were me missing condition changes.

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