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pawner 10/22 $$

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okay, okay, didnt get a good look at it, as i was interested in something else.
think it was $179.00, ss bbl/rcvr, ss colored, wood stock, looked like new at a glance. but am wondering if this is a decent price, maybe i can bring it down a bit as i do biz with them all the time. will go back tomorrow and see what i can do, maybe a lay-away plan, no funds to get it outright. i know wally sells them cheaper, but they are 250 miles away and with gas prices.....
this may be my chance to have a dedicated 17HM2. changing back and forth is getting old. lol, like me.

what do you all think

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I believe Pawn Shops have to have FFLs, at least in CA they do, and some do sell new firearms. Ask them if it is new and if not ask to have them remove the action from teh stock and take a look inside. Most people do not clean 10/22s very well beyond the bore so you will be able to tell if it has been shot a lot. The 10/22 is a tough little bugger so unless it was owned by a real shooter that most people wont even get them broken in.

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