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Patchworm Customer Support

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For some time now I have been useing a patchworm on my 22's and highly recommend it's use. One day a few weeks back I was running a patch down the bore of a CZ that seemed to fit too tight and the little end piece came off the string. The patch was dry and I was just getting the loose crud out before getting down to the solvent.
I contacted 20/20 about this and they were prompt in their reply. Asked a couple of questions about the conditions of failure. In just a few days I had a new worm in the mail. They sugested not to dry patch a dirty bore. Go right to the solvent.
Thank you at 20/20. I like the products very much and appreciate your prompt response and support. Also I would like to recommend the little 17 cal model, It's just the ticket for these little bores.
Keep up the good work.