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P22 Camo grip & magazine question

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Is the CAMO color painted or is it moleded into the grip?

What type of metal are the mags made of, I am thinking about welding 2 mags together which would give what a 24 or 25 round high capacity?

Anyone welded 2 mags together yet??
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I dont think it would be that hard to weld 2 mags together and end up with a good functioning high capacity, I was thinking if I make one and it works good then I would make a few more to sell.

But the mags are $20 each, so 2 mags would be $40 plus a couple bucks for shipping, not to mention supply cost and my work ... I would have to charge like $60 each probably

Anyone think there would be any interest in a $60 P22 high capacity ??
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