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p-22 back from S&W

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Sent my p-22 back to S&W to fix FTF and also to inquire about some premature slide wear. They sent it back with new safety levers that were extremely hard to activate and a rather crude job of grinding on the top of the hammer.

Called them today and asked to talk with the person that repaired my gun. He told me the reason that the safety levers were replaced was that the safety would engage while firing. I told him that I had not had that happen in over 500 rounds of firing and he stated that it could happen without me even knowing it. I stated that I would know becase the next round would not fire if that were the case. He didn't have much for an answer. The next ? was why the grinding on the hammer? He stated that the hammer would catch on the round part of the safety and probably causes the FTF on the first couple of rounds in the mag. I work behind a gun counter and compared mine to a new one. Grinding on the hammer definately helps on the feed. On a new p-22 you can actually get thej slide to hang up on the safety cam if you try (let the slide down slow). I also asked why the rather crude grinding job (you can still see the file marks). He said that it should be polished and blued. Both of which didn't happen. If you have any other ?'s let me know. We sel a new 3" for $199.00 and a 5" for $249.00.