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MASTER Class: 50 yards - Score Range: 240 - 250
245-5x J.L. Simmons. Ballinger, Texas.
BRNO Mod 4. Weaver T36. Fed 900 (old lot).
Shilen SM SS barrel. Stith Predator stock. Rifle smithed by Bill Myers.

244 7x Jim Cartwright. Cando, North Dakota (Kid 10/22)
Turbo rifle. Weaver 36X. Eley Ultimate EPS.
Douglas XX barrel. Mcmillian. Jewel....

242-3x Jim Pollard, Kingsland Texas (graybeard)
Anschutz 54 super match, Weaver 36T scope,Eley EPS
Factory gun, Hoehn tuner. Shot at San Angelo TX. match.
[This is Jim personal best at 50 yards.]

241-1x Mike Hunter. Summerville, South Carolina (Forester)
Time Precision A22R. Sightron 36x. Wolf Match Target.
Lilja 15 twist barrel. Jewell 2oz trigger. LeeSix Stock. Hoehn Tuner.
Winds 3-8 and goofy. I shoot these matches at a small, private range that really just a pocket surrounded by tall trees. When it's windy, the trees keep the worst of the wind off, but what gets to the ground is very difficult to read, since it's mostly swirls and eddies, with lots of vertical. And if you mis-read even a 5 mph wind on the USBR target, well, you know what happens!

240-10x David Mayfield. Hayden, Alabama ( McCoy)
Savage 93R17. .17 HMR. Tasco Varmint 6-24X42 AO
Longbeard's trigger fix.
Shooting on new front rest in modest wind, 10-12mph. Still trying to figure out how to shoot off bench but RFC Forums has helped a lot. Thanks folks.

240-5x Bob Walling. Neskowin, Oregon
Custom Bolt Action. Leupold 36X. Eley EPS & Lapua L.
Hall action Lilja barrel. This rifle is coming around. I blew two shots that might have given me 4 more points. I used two different lots of Eley EPS and one lot of Lapua L during the relay. Windy and some rain, temp in the 40's. Shot at Marcola, Oregon. USBR Match.

240-2x Mike Hansen, LaVerkin, Utah.
Win 52C. Weaver T 36. Eley Trainer.
Lilja Barrel Mod. Prone stock, Kenyon trigger, Fudd Tuner. Pure luck, This batch of Trainer isn't that great. I do believe the Tuner Helped. Stormy but calm. I didn't even have any flags out.
EXPERT Class: 50 Yards - Score range: 230-239
239-5x Ken Henderson Parish, New York (TangoTwo)
Suhl 150, Leupold 36x, Lapua Multimatch Ultra
Lilja barrel, McMillan stock, .7oz. trigger
Temp 38, steady rain, wind calm to slight breeze. Just enough of a condition
to put you out in the 8 ring. Twice. Tried for that 240 but came up short. This new rifle is capable. Give us another month or two and we'll get into the 240's.

236-3x Jerry Lowe. Corrales, New Mexico (JL)
Ruger 10/22. Simmons 8001116 @32X WMT
GM 20" Stainless. B&C Anschutz stock.
Wind was from my 4:00 gusting 15/25mph....about 40 degrees. I knew I shoulda left the toddies at home...HEHE!

234-1x Stan Gibbs - Kingsland, Texas (Claybuster)
Anschutz 64Silhouette - Jap BSA 36X scope- Eley Match EPS ammo
Fiberglass BR stock, glass bedded w/alum pillars - Hoehne tuner - 1.1 oz. SS trigger. Decent weather, not too windy, a little gusty - no real excuses.......

233-0x Jerry Martin. Shawnee, Oklahoma (xxring)
10-22. Tasco 8x40x56. Midas L ammo.
Kidd trigger. Lilja bbl., Weighted Midway Sil stock.
19 degrees. 7MPH breeze and snow falling and I aint doin' this again till it gets warmer. Too far to walk to the target...haha..

233-0x Steven Raeder. El Cajon, California
Anschutz 54 rifle. Weaver T-36X scope. Federal UM-1 ammo.

230-3x Mike Desaire. La Mesa, California
Ruger 10/22T rifle. Sightron 4-16 set @ 16X scope. Wolf Match Extra ammo.
This is the best 50 yard score I have ever shot with this rifle.
SHARPSHOOTER Class: 50 Yards - Score Range: 220-229
229-2x Debbie Manges. Middleburg, Florida
CZ American. Simmons #1048 6.5-20x44. Eley Match EPS
Rifle - Bedded. Millet angle-Loc rings. Trigger: Spring lightened w/ adjustable Sear. B-Square rifle level. Cowan Rest. Cross Wind 5-8 mph

228-2x Linda Garwood. San Diego, California
Anschutz BR-50 rifle. Weaver T-36X scope. Federal UM-1 ammo.

228-1x Dwight Pilkilton. Florence Alabama. (Pdwight)
Anschutz 54 Match/Pentax Light seeker/ 24X. Wolf MT

227-2x Gary Lemons. Afton, Tennessee. (Tn. Hillbilly)
10/22 Ruger w/GM barrel, Weaver GS 6-20 x 40 @ 20, Eley Match EPS

227-1x Mike Manges. Middleburg Florida. (MangesMade)
CZ American. Simmons #1048 6.5-20x44. Lapau Master "M".
Rifle - Bedded. Millet angle-Loc rings. Trigger- Spring lightened w/ adjustable Sear. B-Square rifle level . Cowan Rest. It was 60 degrees today when I shot this Brrrrr !!!!! very little wind.

225-5x Chris Humiston. Panama City, Florida (Untamed)
Sako P94 Action. Burris Signature 8-32X. Wolf Match Target
Lilja Barrel, Hoehn Tuner, Jewell Trigger, McMillan Stock.
This is my first time submitting scores. Scope had a terrible case of paralax at 50yds. I had to use it on 8X. My bag for the front rest is on backorder. I had to use a sponge!

225-2x Charles E. Hensley. Ballinger, Texas
Ruger 77-22. BSA 36x. Federal 900
Shilen bbl, Volquartson trigger.
No excuses, I guess this game may just be too tough for me and my little Ruger.

221-0x Ron Lentz. Wellston, Oklahoma (WETCOP)
CZ 452-2E hvy bbl. Simmons AETEC 2.8x10x40. Midas L ammo..
Box stock gun: Several years old.
MARKSMAN Class: 50 yards - Score Range: 210-219
219-1x Gary Lemons. Afton, Tennessee (Tn. Hillbilly)
CZ 452 American. Swift 8-32 x 50 @ 32. Lapua Master M

215-2x Phil Nesmith. Hanceville, Alabama
Kimber Classic .22/Leupold 2.5-8x/Wolf Match Target
Best I can do within limitations of equipment

212-4x Chris Humiston. Panama City, Florida (Untamed)
Sako P94 Action. Burris Signature 8-32X. Remington (BAB)
Lilja Barrel, Hoehn Tuner, Jewell Trigger, McMillan Stock. Scope had a terrible case of paralax at 50yds. I had to use it on 8X. My bag for the front rest is on backorder. I had to use a sponge!

211-1x Robert Bakker. Vancleave, Mississippi
CZ-452 Varmint . Tasco 36x. Wolf Match Target.
The temp. was 68 degrees and the wind 5-10 mph, mostly from 4:00.
Excuse: Distractions.There was a construction crew with heavy equipment in the front yard installing a new sewer line and a neighbor left his truck directly behind the target and bullet stop. He was gone so I couldn't ask him to move itt. Good news: All bullets hit the target and his truck is untouched.

HUNTER Class: 50 yards - Score Range - 200-209
202-1x Brian Headlee. New Richmond, Wisconsin (Tenspot)
Ruger 10/22. Weaver 6-20x40 Grand Slam @20x. Eley Trainer
Riflwe has been Doctored up .GM 18" fluted barrel. Blaster stock.
Wind still at my 3o'clock, but picking up to 8-12. Temp was at 20 when I
got home. I got a lot to learn about wind..!

200-1x Paul Johnson. Tuscaloosa, Alabams (Knitepoet)
CZ452 KZM stock. Simmons 6-18x40. Aguila SE
Clear and breezy Temp. upper 50's wind gusts to 15mph ranging from 11 to 1 o'clock. I've got to get some wind flags for 50.
I think this new rifle's going to be a shooter :)

PLINKER Class: 50 yards - Score Range: 180-199
195-0x Scott Cook. Tulsa, Oklahoma (bullfrog)
Ruger 10/22. Weaver T36. Lapua Multi-Match.
Titan barrel. Martin custom trigger and bedding
Temp in the low 40's, shifting wind in my face, After a great target the week before, shots were flying high and low left and right from 6 and 7 rings. I shot two 10's then a 6, then another 10. What's happening down range?

183 2x Scott Irwin. San Jose, California (Ziplok)
Winchester 52B. Unertl 2" 24X. CCI Mini Mag
Weather clear, winds gusting 3-7mph
ORANGE BLASTER Class: 50 yards - Score Range: 000-179
154-0x Paul Johnson. Tuscaloosa, Alabams (Knitepoet)
AMT Lightning. Bushnell 3-9x32 @ 9x. CCI Velocitors
Butler Creek Carbon Fiber barrel,

125-0x Paul Johnson. Tuscaloosa, Alabams (Knitepoet)
AMT Lightning. Bushnell 3-9x32 @ 9x, Rem. 6100 40gr (BAB)
Butler Creek Carbon Fiber barrel.
Blessed is the OrangeBlaster: For he has been humbled: And will be raised up.
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