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Outdoor 25 yd. Individual Match - February.

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MASTER Class: 25 yards - Score Range 250 - 250-25X
250-18x Mike Hunter. Summerville, South Carolina (Forester)
Time Precision A22R. Sightron 36x scope. Wolf Match Target.
Lilja 15 twist barrel. Jewell 2oz trigger. Lee Six Stock. Hoehn Tuner. Turner Stock.
Winds 5-10 from all directions (figure that one out). I planned on shooting my Sako at 25 this month, but it's in the shop. Hopeto blister some California rear-ends with it when I get it back. I shoot these matches at a small, private range that really just a pocket surrounded by tall trees. When it's windy, the trees keep the worst of the wind off, but what gets to the ground is very difficult to read, since it's mostly swirls and eddies, with lots of vertical. And if you mis-read even a 5 mph wind on the USBR target, well, you know what happens!

250-18x J.L. Simmons. Ballinger, Texas.
BRNO Mod 4. Weaver T36. Wolf Match Extra.
Shilen SM SS barrel. Stith Predator stock. Rifle smithed by Bill Myers.

250-18x Richard Southwick. Shelton, Washington
Remington. 37. Weaver T-36. Lapua "M".
Lilja BBL. Hoehn tuner. MPI Stock.
Sorry, I'm a cold weather chicken & hadn't shot in a couple of months. I made it a point to get at least one target this month. It's not as good as I would like, but at least it's somewhat competing. Shot at the Red Range on 2/27/03, conditions were somewhat mild but cool, not much wind, didn't even use flags.

250 16x Jim Cartwright. Cando, North Dakota (Kid 10/22)
Turbo rifle. Weaver 36X. Eley Eley Match EPS
Douglas XX barrel. Mcmillian. Jewel....

250-16x Mike Chappelear. Bassett,Virginia
Ruger 10/22. Sightron 6-24x40. Wolf Match Target
Gatewood Stock. Clark Barrel. Accurized by 6.5/06 (Maynard Spencer) and myself. First time I've shot since last Sept. or Oct..At my age I'm beginning to forget which.I look forward to getting back into the swing of things. I'll start shooting the 50yarder and BAB also.

250-16x Stan Gibbs - Kingsland, Texas (Claybuster)
Anschutz 64Silhouette. Jap BSA 36X scope. SK Match50 ammo
Fiberglass BR stock, glass bedded w/alum pillars - Hoehne tuner - 1.1 oz. SS trigger. Got a 25 yard tgt. in before the wind got up too bad. Got lucky too & didn't have any bad flyers...

250-15x Jim Pollard, Kingsland Texas (graybeard)
Anschutz 54 super match. Weaver 36T scope. Eley EPS
Factory gun, Hoehn tuner.
The weather has changed and got cold.
[This is Jim personal best at 25 yards]

250-13x Jerry Martin. Shawnee,Oklahoma (xxring)
10-22. Tasco 40X. Midas L ammo.
Lilja bbl/ Kidd trigger and bedded, weighted Sil stock with My first target was a 249-14X and after the second, I was about froze. This may have to do for this month unless we thaw out.

250-13x Ken Tesch. Mission Texasn & Merrill, Wisconsin
Remington 40X. Unertl 16X. Eley Trainer.
Stock rifle. Standard weight barrel. The Unertl with 1 1/2 inch objective lens.

250-12x Steven Raeder. El Cajon, California
Anschutz 54 rifle. Weaver T-36X scope. Federal UM-1 ammo.

250-12x Scott Cook. Tulsa, Oklahoma (bullfrog)
Ruger 10/22. Weaver 36T. Ely/Remington Match EPS
Titan barrel, Martin custom trigger and bedded; The second try with Sinclair front rest (Big Improvement)
60 degree day with a steady 10 mph wind from 3 o'clock

250-9x Linda Garwood. San Diego, California
Anschutz BR-50 rifle. Weaver T-36X scope. Federal UM-1 ammo.

250-8x John Harris. Jumal, California ( Gordan Gauge)
Ruger 10/22 rifle. Weaver T-36X scope. Lapua Midas L ammo.
Lilja barrel, Kid trigger "Click Clack Fever - Catch It"

250-7x Paul Verhey. Lakeland Fl. and Michigan
Rem. 540 XR. Tasco 6X24 at 16X. Wolf Match Target
All stock: Well, not exactly, it does have a barrel. I adjusted the trigger a little lighter. It was a little windy but mostly gusty, I was using my home made wind flag and my Sinclair Windage front rest, all else was just luck!
Bob was there and he scored my target, he and his wife will shoot before the end of the month.
EXPERT Class: 25 yards - Score Range: 248-249
249-12x Mike Smith. Winer Haven, Florida
Ruger click clack. 6 x 24 Tasco. Wolf Match Target .
Clerk Stock & Barrel, New homemade tuner on front of the stock.

249-10x Larry White. Alpine, California
Anschutz rifle. Mitchell 32X scope. Federal UM-1 ammo.

249-10x David ILL. Albuquerque, New Mexico (DucDave)
Remington Model 37. Unertl 15x . Wolf MT
Douglas Barrel, Canjar trigger. Home made tuner.
Temp in the low mid 50's, shifting wind about 15 mph,
only had one decent weekend this month.
tried out the new tuner i made think it will work just fine once i get it adjusted

249-10x Mike Hansen, LaVerkin, Utah.
Win. 52C. Weaver T 36 , Eley trainer.
Lilja Tight bore 16 twist, Mod. Prone stock, Kenyon trigger,
The wind was tough on this one strong and switching.

249-9x Jerry Lowe. Corrales, New Mexico (JL)
Ruger 10/22. Simmons 8001116 @32X WMT
GM 20" Stainless. B&C Anschutz stock.
Wind was from my 4:00 gusting 15/25mph....about 40 degrees

248 12x Gary Lemons. Afton, Tennessee. (Tn. Hillbilly)
Ruger 10/22. Weaver GS 6-20 x 40 @ 20X. Eley Match EPS
GM barrel and some other stuff
Small 10 rings, aging eyesight, not enough scope...anybody have a cheap T36 for sale?

248-5x Mike Hansen, LaVerkin, Utah.
Win. 52C. Weaver T36, Fed. Lightning. (BAB)
Lilja Tight bore 16 twist, Mod. Prone stock, Kenyon trigger,
Windy, I don't usually bother with flags at 25 yds., BUT I sure did to shoot this one. The wind was tough, wouldn't keep one condition long enough for more than 2 shots.
SHARPSHOOTER Class: 25 yards - Score Range: 245-247
247 9x Bob Sanchez Mango Florida (postmark92)
Rem. 540 XR. Tasco 6X24. Wolf Match Target
[Bob's Rem. is like mine, kinda just out of the box. I do think they are better than the CZ!: Paul Verhey]

246-8x Mike Desaire. La Mesa, California
Ruger 10/22T rifle. Sightron 4-16 set @ 16X scope. Wolf Extra Match ammo.
(The stock for the Turbo hasn't come back from the painter yet so I had to fall back on the click clack.)

246-8x Jim Province. Mission TX & Inver Grove Hts. Minn. (Age 85)
Anschutz 1451. Bushnell 3-9X-32mm. Eley Trainer.
Stock out of the box rifle.

246 7x Diane Sanchez, Mango, Florida
Ruger 10/22. Tasco 6X24. Wolf Match Target
Diane used to shoot a good gun, Rem. 540XR but Bob say's she changed for a lighter gun. I bet Bob took it away from her, she was getting close to beating him!

246-2x Stan Gibbs - Kingsland, Texas (Claybuster)
Anschutz 64Silhouette. Weaver T36. Fed. Lightning {BAB)
Fiberglass BR stock. Glass bedded w/alum pillars - Hoehne tuner - 1.1 oz. SS trigger. Way too windy a day to try anything but a 25 yd BAB............

245-8x Steven Bressan. Phoenix, Arizona (AzShooter)
CZ 452 Special. Tasco 6 X 24 Tactical Riflescope. Federal 711.
Trigger job. Bedded. Temp : 62 Wind : 10 mph steady from west.
Rest : Wichita with bunny ear rear rest. Well, I finally got to complete a score for Feb.

245-7x Mike Manges. Middleburg Florida. (MangesMade)
CZ-452 American. Simmons 44 Mag. 6.5-20x44. Wolf Match Extra.
Bedded, trigger work consists of a lighter spring and an adjustable sear. Only other additions is a B-square rifle level.
[Mike adds: I plan on shooting some more targets and my wife also. Not shoot my wife, I mean she's going to be shooting some targets also. Sure glad he cleared that statement up !

245 6x Debbie Manges. Middleburg, Florida
CZ 452 American Classic. Simmons 44 Mag 6.5-20x44. Ely Match EPS.
Deb was using the same gun as Mike but she was using Ely Match EPS.
[Team Captain Paul Verhey adds: I bet Deb held back, Ya know how the wife will sacrifice for the husband.(I think Deb just closed her eyes on the the last shot! HA!]

245-3x Larry Davenport. Mission Texas & Machesney Park Illinois
Savage Mark II-LV. Bushnell 3-9X. Wolf Match Target
Stock out-of-the-box rifle. Laminated Stock.
The usual South Twxas wind: WINDY!

245-3x Stan Gibbs. Kingsland, Texas (Claybuster)
Anschutz 64MS. Jap BSA 36X. Fed. Lightning (BAB)
Homemade Brass barrel tuner
Gusty, switchy windy day - Started a 50 Yd BAB; abandoned it after being down 15 points on the first 2 rows.........

245-3x, Charles E. Hensley. Ballinger, Texas
Ruger 77-22. BSA 36x. Federal 900B
Shilen bbl, Volquartson trigger.
MARKSMAN Class: 25 yards - Score Range: 235-244
244-3x Gary Grant. Mission, Texas & Mattoon, Illinois
CZ-452 Sporter. BSA 6-24X. Eley Trainer.

243-6x Roger Shilts. Mission Texas & Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin
CZ 452 American. Bushnell Sportsman 6-18. Wolf Match Target.

243-5x Joe Haller. Mission Texas & Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan
CZ-452 American. BSA Platinum 6-24X. Wolf Match Extra.
Glass bedded. 7 oz. trigger. This rifle just does not like Wolf. Shoulda used the Eley Yellow Box. Maybe it's me. Use to shooting free recoil in NBRSA centerfire with 10.5 to `13.5 lb centerfire rifles. Ya gota hold on to these little ones.

243-5x Creston Straley. Mission Texas & Buckley, Michigan
Ruger 10-22. Bushnell 12X 40mm. Eley Trainer.

243 1x Gary Lemons. Afton, Tennessee. (Tn. Hillbilly)
CZ 452 American 44 Mag 6.5-20 x 44 @ 20 Lapua Master M
Cannot get this rifle dialed in and I'm learning the value and need for fine crosshairs

242-7x Jim Pollard. Kingsland, Texas (graybeard)
Anschutz 1710 D HB. Simmons 1048 T. .Fed. Lighting (BAB)
Factory gun, homemade PVC tuner.

242-6x Mike Hunter. Summerville South Carolina (Forester)
CZ 452 American. Simmons 44Mag 6.5-20x. Fed. Lightning (BAB).
Floated barrel. Trigger worked down to 2.5 lbs. Winds light

242-3x Brian Headlee, New Richmond, Wisconsin (Tenspot)
Ruger 10/22. Weaver 6-20x40 Grand Slam @20x. Eley Trainer
Rifle "doctored up".GM 18" fluted barrel. Blaster stock.
Wind shifted to my 3o'clock but stayed at 6-10. Temp @ 26 and falling.
The Blaster stock is not a good bench stock for me. Cannot wait to try
some Wolf etc..

242-3x John Hollingshead. Mission, Texas & Kenosha, Wisconsin
Remington 521T. Bushnell 4-12X AO. Eley Trainer.
Glass bedded. Windy.

242-2x Brian Headlee. New Richmond, Wisconsin (Tenspot)
Ruger 10/22. Weaver 6-20x40 Grand Slam @20x. Fed. 510 (BAB)
Doctored up riofle. GM 18" fluted barrel. Blaster stock.
This was my first ever OFFICIAL score!!! Started the day off with this,
6-10mph wind coming from my 4o'clock, temp at 26 and falling. I'm hooked

242-2x Dwight Pilkilton. Florence Alabama. (Pdwight)
Browning 52. Weaver V16/ 16X. Wolf MT
Overcast. Lets go Alabama team, next month we are a force to be reckoned with !! ;-)

241-5x Marian Jones. Mission Texas & Kenosha, Wisconnsin
Winchester M-52C. Swift 6-16X. CCI Standard.
Stock rifle. Standard weight barrel.

241-2x Joyce Oettel. Mission Texas & Kenosha Wisconsin
CZ-452 Special. Bushnell Sportview 9X. Wolk Match Target.
Light spring in trigger: 7 oz. oice and her Husband, Skip jsut gone down here from Wiosconsin two days ago. First time they have shot in a year and she beat Skip by points.

240-5x Michael Leamons. Spring Valley, California (age 15)
CZ 452 ZKM rifle. Bushnell 3-9 set @ 9X scope. Wolf Match Target ammo.
This is Michaels frist match and it looks like he has a good future ahead.

240-2x Kim Williams. Santee, California
Kimber Model 82 Govt. rifle. Weaver T-36X scope. Fiocci ammo.
This is a new rifle for Kim and he didn't have time to test for the best ammo. I'm sure in the future he will be climbing the ladder.

238-3x David ILL. Albuquerque, New Mexico (DucDave)
Remington Model 37. Unertl 15x . Fed. Lightning (BAB)
Douglas Barrel. Canjar trigger. Home made tuner.
Temp in the low mid 50's, light wind.

238-3x Roger Shilts. Mission Texas & Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin
Biathlon Basic. Swift 6-18-5mm. Wolf Match Target.
Joe Haller just got this rifle and Roger put his Swift scope on it for a test. If we find an ammo it likes maybe Haller will give up on his CZ. Roger beat Joe by 2 points in the "test".

237-5x Ken Christie. Mission Texas & Unionville, Missiouri
CZ-452 LUX. Bushnell Sportscope 9x. CCI Standard
Light spring in trigger. Barrel free floating ahead of barrel lug.

237-2x Larry Burchfield. Ashdown, Arkansas ([email protected])
Ruger 10/22. BSA 24X. Wolf Match Target.
Midway18.5 ss barrel. Fajen thumbhole sporter stock. Trigger 1.5lbs.
Bad wind.

237-2x Skip Oettel. Mission Texas & Kenosha Wisconsin
CZ-452 Special. Bushnell Sportview 9X. Wolk Match Target.
Light spring in trigger: 7 oz.

236-3x Harold Strelow. Mission Texas & Pierce, Nebraska
Ruger 10/22. BSA 6-24X. Wolk Match Extra.

236-3x Joe Haller. Mission Texas & Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan
Biathlon Basic. Swift 6-18X.50mm. Wollf Match Extra
Brand new Russian rifle I've had on order since Christmas. I hope it will do better after the barrel is broke-in.

235-3x Paul Johnson. Tuscaloosa, Alabams (Knitepoet)
CZ452 KZM stock. Simmons 6-18x40. Aguila SE
Clear and breezy Temp. upper 50's wind gusts to 15mph ranging from 11 to 1 o'clock.
HUNTER Class: 25 yard -Score Range: 220-234
231-3x Bill Cashen. Mission Texas & Mattawan, Michigan
CZ-452 Standard. BSA Contender 6-24X Wolf Match Target.

230-0x Mark Challancin. Troy, Alabama (bigh2o)
Ruger 77/22vbz. Weaver V24. Rem. golden bullets (BAB)
Stock rifle, Volquartsen sear.
Shooting off a dilapidated coffee table in a swirling wind, with homemade sandbags.

229-2x Phil Nesmith, Hanceville, Alabama
Kimber Classic. .22/Leupold 2.5-8x. Eley Club Extra
25 is more difficult than I thought it would be because of none parallax adjustable scope, if I can't get a different scope with parallax adjustment, I'll be stuck here.

224-1x Mike Manges. Middleburg Florida. (MangesMade)
CZ American. Simmons #1048 6.5-20x44. Fed. Lightning (BAB)
Rifle - Bedded. Millet angle-Loc rings. Trigger- Spring lightened w/ adjustable Sear. B-Square rifle level .....Cowan Rest. It was 55 degrees late this evening when I shot this Brrrrr !!!!! very little wind.

224-1x Len Ziegenmeyer. Mission Texas & Imlay City, Michigan
CZ-452 Special. Simmons 9x 40mm. Wolf Match Target.

223-1x Ron Lentz. Wellston, Oklahoma (WETCOP)
CZ 452-2E hvy bbl. Simmons AETEC 2.8x10x40,
Several year old box stock gun, and his first two targets ever. Ron is a LEO in my part of the woods and a fine fellow that we can expect good things to come from. I am glad to have him on the team and think he will be a great addition to the effort.

223-0x Mark Challancin. Troy, Alabama (bigh2o)
Ruger 10/22. Simmons 4.5-14. Federal bulk pack (BAB)
Green Mountain 18ss barrel, Volquartsen hammer.
Shooting off a dilapidated coffee table in a swirling wind, with homemade sandbags.

220-1x Paul Johnson. Tuscaloosa, Alabams (Knitepoet)
AMT Lightning, Butler Creek Carbon Fiber barrel,
Tasco 4-16x50 @16x Wolf MT
First target after bedding and adding the new scope. Also first time trying MT in it.. Still need to work on that 6# trigger.
PLINKER Class: 25 yards - Score Range: 200-219
204-1x Paul Johnson. Tuscaloosa, Alabams (Knitepoet)
AMT Lightning, Butler Creek Carbon Fiber barrel,
Bushnell 3-9x32 @ 7x Rem Target 6100 BAB
No good excuses.. just poor shooting on my part

211-1x Larry Burchfield. Ashdown, Arkansas ([email protected])
513T Remington. Tasco 6x24. Federal Lighting (BAB)
Wind switching from head to tail all day.

203 2x Scott Irwin. San Jose, California (Ziplok)
Winchester 52B. Unertl 2" 24X scope. RWS Target
Only modification = bolton triggershoe,make undetermined
Overcast, wind 5mph crossrange
If I ever get the parralax to sharpen up the sight pic, the scores may improve.
One more chance to try on Tuesday.....Maybe BAB Remingtons
ORANGE BLASTER Class: 25 yards - Score Range: 000-199
No one in the orange crate thiis month.
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Geez, Joe, that's a lot of scores for February! Well, at least we know you're staying busy and keeping out of trouble.

I notice you have me at the top of the list, even though I was tied with JL and Richard. In the RBA, we break score/x ties with the "first miss" concept, that is, the guy who shoots the farthest through the target without dropping a point (or an x, in this case) wins. I not only missed the first x, but also the second. So if you want to break the tie that way, then I probably shouldn't be at the top. As I'm sure you know, the USBR has no tiebreaker after x count, so maybe we'll just remain tied. Either way is fine with me.

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Great shootin everyone! We really have some talent that graces us here.

Just got my new "The Rock" rest yesterday, cannot wait to try it out. Hopefully I will shoot scores with two rifles this month. I'll if i can get the second click-clack operational by April 1! It will be heavier and more suited for these little USBR nerdlets. Maybe I can start testing this ammo stash I have built up too. Gotta be nice, warm, and no wind, what are the chances of that??

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since it means that much to you, you got it! You're first. Besides, you do it routinely from month to month, and I just got lucky. That's mighty fine shootin' you did at both yardages! In fact, there's lots of fine shooters around here now - hard holders - way to go folks!

Thanks kindly & take care,


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Just to clarify Thats J.L.Simmons at the top, not JL me....Dammit! Haha! Congratulations to ALL the winners! Things are heatin' up.
And again congrats to all the folks who participated in the matches this month....It wouldn't be near as much fun without all of you. Thanks! JL

And THANK YOU JOE for all the hard work!

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Tie Breakers

As we use MOST of the USBR rules: With no tie breaker beyond the x count, some of you may have noticed that I rank tie scores by the first letter of the last name. Because we are a Maverick bunch I suppose we could write our own rule on tie breaking. BUT: Because I never see the targets to check who dropped the first x: Suppose we better just settle for unbreakable ties: Unless everyone want to send me their targets. "Please: No". The way this thing is growing I would not need that.

Let's let Linda work it out. She is the Awards Chairperson. How's that for passing the buck?

Hey Linda! Ya want these guys to send you their targets?

Joe :)
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