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Opinions on Kidd 18" bull barrel or GM 17" heavy tapered sporter

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Hi All,
I'm on the last step of a build and would like some opinions/advice on the two barrels I have it narrowed down to. My gun started life as a 10/22 Deluxe Sporter 22" bbl (Wally World special). I've since sent it to Randy at CPC for a full trigger, bolt and barrel job and I've also fully bedded the action. The gun shoots great and I have no complaints. I'm looking to get a new barrel because I have a suppressor coming and the sporter barrel I have now can't be threaded. So, after a lot of research, internet mostly, I've narrowed my choices to a Kidd 18" fluted bull (.920) barrel or a Green Mountain 17" heavy taper sporter (.920 tapered to .700) barrel. My main goals are accuracy and consistency (i.e., no flyers or cold bore flyers , etc.). I know barrels have been discussed in the past but I'd like to know the current thoughts and opinions. I appreciate any advice, opinions or recommendations that anyone here can offer to me. Thanks for the help.
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I am assuming you can't thread what you have because the OD under the sight is too small. Have you thought about cutting it back to say 16.5"?
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