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Opinions on a stock wanted

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ok, know it's kinda different... Different good? Different bad? What do y think?

Not one I own but was offered it today.
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Can't quite pin point it, but I would say different good. Should make a nice looking rifle.

looks different not for me but i still like it. if it was mine i would call it "ruttin lizard" :coco:
I guess it could grow on me, something about it just doesn't tickle my fancy.
If it were toned down a little with a darker finish, it might not be so bad. Would look good with a stainless bbl.

When I look at those colors, I start hearing the theme song to my daughter's "My Little Ponies" toys.
gsonnenmd said:
When I look at those colors, I start hearing the theme song to my daughter's "My Little Ponies" toys.
I was kinda thinking the theme song to Shaft!! :D
I don't like the style, nor do I particularly care for the colors. But it's going on your rifle, right? My opinion shouldn't matter.

*grabs the next shooting bench over and chuckles a fair bit*
Well, if you could get a red Whistle Pig barrel with lime green flutes......Oh, just kidding!!:D I like it, sort of, I think!?!:confused:

Ah, go for it, you'll be the hottest thing on the range.
Sorry....the "Harvest Gold" and "avacado color" reminds me of kitchen appliances from the 1970's.

Very Metrosexual. :D I kind of like it though!
I was going to buy it for my daughter, ;) cuz I like it, and build her a new "ultimate". I first saw itat Midway for a decent price and really wanted it. I thought I'd involve the daughter so I could say its hers. I think she caught on and says she wants a Boyds Circus stock (to make sure I'll never take hers). I may still get it hust cuz its cool and very differant.
a canoe the same color

Wouldn't that be nice, canoe and stock/paddle matching!
Vomit...first thought that comes to me. Sorry, but you asked :p
It looks pretty good with

S.S. hardware. I also put Black hardware in it and it didn't look as good. I'll gonna be puttin' stainless in mine. I bought one of the turq./pink/purple and sent it back,...it was just too loud. When it came in, and my son opened the box and called me at work. I asked him what it looked like and he said it looked like a package of hi-lighters. :D

Great. Now I can't get that nasty image (color) out of my mind.
Well since I've now got a black/red to finish (optics), a blk/yellow to start, a blk/orange to start when the stock gets here and aqua/black to start once the stock get's here, I'm gonna pass on this one. Just too many for right now. It's actually one left from the run of Fajen stocks offered by Midway that Revival has - yes, they made them for Fajen. last one and was offered to me after I inquired about possible other color schemes while ordering my blk/orange. If anyone's interested , give 'em a call.
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