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on barrel brop.....

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:confused: Has anyone ever tryed to shim the barrel insted of using the gunsmith block?
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Several years ago, LONG before the Gunsmither V-Block was even in existance, when Ken at Whiteface Mountain Barrels was closing out the last of his GM barrels (God, I've been around here a long time! :rolleyes: ) I got a SS .920" from him that shot great, but had a good bit of barrel droop. I used some stainless shim material between the V-Block lug and the barrel that had me shooting 5 shot groups in the .2s or better @ 25 yards.
It's a viable fix if you need to do it fast and cheap, and it certainly holds up to the test of time. :t

FWIW! ;) - Dakotan
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