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vintage weavers

I have a few older weavers, the k series have very good glass, I have a k4 and k6. that are very good, as long as they have been kept in good condition, also have a couple of older variables, a v 2.5x7 and a v9. happy with both of these. I bought a Weatherby xxii auto that had a d6, it is a 3/4 in. tube so it has a small field of view. I put on an older Denver Redfield 3x9 that has thiner cross hairs. great scope for this rifle. I like the Denver Redfields better than the El PASO Weavers, mainly because of the thinner cross hairs. On the other hand an older weaver with the dot recticle is good for 22.s,
My CZ 452 fs 22 has a Weaver 2.5x7 with crossshair and 1/8 minute dot that is deadly on gophers or targets!!
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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