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Can anyone give me thier opinion of order of optic quality of these old models.
Models B, K, J, G, D, 344, 330, 329
I don't have all of the ones you listed, and you did miss one of my favorites, the "V" scopes.

I do like the 3/4" scopes and have a lot of them on old vintage rifles. I like the "G" series over the "B" series, but that just might be asthetics more than optic quality. I only have one "J" series scope and it is not a very good specimen. I think my favorite 3/4" tube is the 3-29 "Wee Weaver", 3X on a single shot 22....doesn't get alot better than that.

I do have three of the "K" series scopes, but it's not really fair to compare them to the 3/4" scopes.My "K4" is a stainless model with the Micro-trac. My "K2.5" has the post and cross hair, and my "K1" has the cross-hair with a dot.

I don't have any of the others. If I had to choose just one for clarity and sight picture, The "K2.5" would win I think.

1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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