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Old model front sight question

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I bought an old model Single Six made in 1969 from my friend in AZ. He is a FFL and picked up this old 22lr from a former stuntman who used it in movies in the 1970's. The gun has wear but I got it and the holster for under $150 after shipping. The front sight is missing.

My daughter is in machinist trade school and still lives at home. I will ask her to make me a new sight when school resumes in January. I need height dimensions for the 5.5" barrel's sight. Can anyone provide a height of their sight in thousandths from the top of the barrel to the top of the sight please? Also the thickness of the blade?

How is the sight held in place? Pressed in? Staked in? Silver solder? Epoxy?

The gun will arrive tomorrow, according to the shipping tracking number. I may just find a used barrel and have it installed.

Thanks in advance!
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Interesting purchase. That Single-six has seen a hard life, but it's got a lot left in in. Sorry I can't provide the info that you request.
I would go to ebay and buy a barrel with a sight on it and have her fit the barrel. Good luck.
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The amount of heat required to silver solder a new sight blade would make it necessary to refinish at least the barrel. I'd probably check with Ruger to see what it would cost to replace the barrel and refinish the whole gun. Of course if they do that work, they'll also install the transfer bar conversion too - but they'll return the original parts.
Pretty sure the newer barrels for Single Sixes have the safety roll mark on the bottom of the barrel where it doesn't show as much.

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Quite a few correct old model barrels on eBay for reasonable. Thats your best bet like already said .
Maybe make a stub sheriff model out of the original.
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The front sights are silver soldered in place and I agree with the above, it will require refinishing. I also agree it would be a good idea to just replace the whole barrel.

Ruger doesn't return original parts any more. Ruger is a good option for doing the work but I would remove the offending parts before sending it to them.
Ruger doesn't return original parts any more. Ruger is a good option for doing the work but I would remove the offending parts before sending it to them.
According to their website Ruger still returns the original parts but to be safe you should remove them.

According to people who've sent guns in, they do not.
I received the gun yesterday and the exterior of the barrel has deep pits. I will buy a barrel and have it replaced. The grip frame and ejection rod housing are worn and missing finish and the grips were broken but I have spares of all 3.

I think it would be cool to make it a 6.5" barrel instead of the 5.5".
A person or two has had a 10/22 barrel cut and fitted to a Single Six if a longer than usual barrel length is desired.
If you could stand to look at the barrel and, considering it's history I could, I would have her make a front sight and solder it in with soft solder. There is little stress on a single six and I bet it would hold. I am not talking through my hat either as I have done some soft soldered things that have stood up to pretty serious use. A 357 blackhawk, no way; single six, way, or worth a try at least.
I ordered a 6.5" barrel for $45 shipped.
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I received my Single Six back from getting a barrel swap. I added some grips and an ejection rod & housing I had in the closet. I like it!

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