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Old Hammerlis

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Does anyone know of a dealer that would have parts/seals for old Hammerli CO2 pistols such as the Single, Master, Rapid?
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Almost impossible, however here in NL I know one guy who is a sort of specialist and gest any Hämmerli sealed and shooting within reasonable time. I have sold all my Hämmerli parts to him and any parts that I find go straight to him. Seals however are made by hand individually, I believe he can get them running on bulk fill CO2 as well.
I have resealed a Master, a Single and a Sparkler. The Master and Single only required a couple metric O-rings (16 x 19 I think). I had to make an exhaust seal for the Sparkler. I did a write up here if you are interested: Re-sealing an old Hammerli CO2 Pistol - Airguns & Guns Forum
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As far as dealers go, its a bit out of the way I suspect, but I have had fantastic results dealing with Richard at City Air Weapons in the UK. They have a warehouse of parts and getting parts here isn't really an issue, airguns themselves on the other hand is a massive problem. Additionally, Pilkguns and Airgunwerks in Tn are both VERY well respected air smiths.
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