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Old Folk Tale true for Hardwinter???

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So I have helped skin around a dozen whitetail deer this year, and every single one has had more fat than usuall. One doe that my uncle shot, had an 1.5 in. of fat on her rump. Come on :eek:

I took the hide off of a 2 year old fork horn and it was overly fat.

Lots of old timers say, that means we are in for a hard winter. I saw in another post by Plinker (I think) about all the acorns on the ground still and how it means we are in for a hard winter. I can still find quite a few acorns in some areas.

What do ya'll think?

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I think I have never seen a year that my fruit trees produced as much and the same goes for a lot of garden stuff.

I think what the fat means is that the deer had a lot of good eatin' this last summer....

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