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Ok, here it is, stock done the Oli way!!!!

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Yes, I did do a picture series during the build. As hard as I thought the inletting would be, getting the jigs exactly right and to Oli's specs was the hardest part. If your jigs are true and square then the inletting is a snap. I built my top and bottom jig out of MDF cut on a jigsaw.

As long as you use Oli's exact measurements you cant go wrong. I couldn't get a printer to print his drawings out to the correct dimensions, so I had to draw them all myself. With the centerline on the jig and the centerline that you mark around stock lined up perfectly, the inletting will be square. Me, being a measure once and cut four times kinda guy, had to make several jigs before I could get one true and square. I didn't do a build post since 90% of my build is exactly like Oli's post, but I can post the ones that I think made it a hair easier than Oli's. For example, I know nada about chisels and such, but I know how to run a sander with heavy grit paper, and thats what I used to shape mystock.

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Very creative and I love the color myself...:bthumb: :bthumb:
VERY creative! Nice work! :bthumb:

That is pretty darn cool. Very nice. I like it.:t :t :t
Absolutely awesome stock. Quite unique as well.
Nice work and the color looks great to me. :bthumb: Wish it was mine!
That is wild,did you do it? THAT IS THE MOST UNIQUE STOCK i'VE EVER SEEN! Good job or nice aqqisition.Shootrj2003
Thanks for all the kind words. Now that I have a little faith, I will be attempting the inletting on my 77/17. I hope the next one turns out as well.
I love it. Very unique.

very cool, I bet you could get that on the cover of a magazine or the Ruger website.
Certainly not something you will see everyday. Nice work.
Very cool. Got me thinking about art stocks.
Dang, I can't believe I missed this the first time around. This is the first stock in a long time I am really impressed with.
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