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Offhand Rifle Match 10-Year Anniversary

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Offhand Rifle Match 10-Year Anniversary

This coming October will be the Ten Year Anniversary for our Offhand Rifle Match. I am hoping for a great turnout, so please spread the word. I hope to do something special for all competitors in that milestone match !

All shooters are welcome. Especially hope to see some of the 130-odd shooters who have shot with us in the past, would like this to be an offhanders' family reunion of sorts...

For info see our simple rules section, StickyRules: 25 Yd Offhand 500/50X Match – Any Gun, Any Ammo

then head over here to the main match thread and post some scores ! :
25 & 50 Yd Offhand Rifle Matches – Post all match scores & discussion here !

All the best,
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