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O.K. . . Let's take a poll Henry owners . . .

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In another thread on this site, we did some good natured back and forth banter in regards to "22 shot shells" and what some of us used back in the 50s and 60s . . and it was bantered that some "didn't remember that far back" as they weren't even a "twinkle". :)

If the Administrators will allow this thread, I think it would be fun and interesting to do an informal "poll" to see what the scope of ages, etc. that are present here in regards to folks owning, enjoying and shooting any of the Henry models.

Let's face it . . Henry makes a good, reasonable rifle in a nice selection of models. I've admired 'em for years but only recently did I obtain one . . hopefully to add to that in a few months. I'm sure the range of ages is all over the place as from the posts here, everybody from boys and girls just starting out to parents to middle age to old geezers love 'em. Rather than state your age, another member suggested we just put date of birth (that way he could put a lower number than most!). So if we could state our DOB, the model or models of Henry rifles that you own and when you first got one and possibly a short explanation as to what attracted you to them, I think it will be interesting to see the scope of ages, etc. of those that own 'em, shoot 'em and enjoy 'em. And as an "old geezer", I'll state how nice it is to see and hear about that are using them and learning good gun safety habits at an early age and those that are helping/encouraging them. I'll start out . . . and thanks for sharing! :)

bedbugbilly - DOB 1952 - Model H001Y - an older model that was stored for a number of years in the box and never shot, obtained 2012 - what attracted me to them was quality, performance, great customer service and the nostalgia of a "Western style" lever action that we always saw in the westerns when we were a kid - back when the "good guys" (Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, etc.) still wore white hats. :bthumb:
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This might be too complex for a simple vBulletin poll, so I suggest everyone stick with the format above
name space dash space DOB {4 digit year} space dash space Model {list models owned} space dash space brief optional description

bigfatdave - DOB 1979 - Model H001L, H001TM, H001ML, H002B - Henry gets a section of the gun cabinet reserved, luckily none but the 001TM require a lot of room!
(the Lever Carbine and Mare's Leg both eat those silly shotshells, by the way - but I still say that rimfire shotshells are not good for anything but demonstrating how useless rimfire shotshells are)

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Ok, I will play

SixShooterFan - DOB 1968 - H001T

One thing my father and my both my grandfathers had in common was "Spaghetti Westerns" along with

The Lone Ranger
Big Valley
The Rifleman
Magnificant 7
Anything John Wayne
The Wild Wild West and others.

The lever gun was my favorite! Although I have a nice collection of Six shooters (thus my name :D)
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