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NRL22 Matches in the Upper Midwest (specifically West Michigan)

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I’ve been interested in checking out an NRL22-style match in my area (west Michigan) but have only seen one this year anywhere near me and it was on a Sunday (that’s a problem for me based on religious convictions most people will find silly but it is what it is...).

I’ve been on the NRL website and don’t see much of anything in the Midwest for 2022 (past or coming up). Am I looking in the wrong place? Are there unsanctioned matches being held that are listed somewhere else?

Are any of y’all in the West Michigan area and interested in possibly putting something together yet this year or early next? I’d love to try an organized match but am finding it difficult to find one I don’t have to fly to.
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No help here, Our local matches are on Sundays too. It is really annoying.

It isn't just NRL22. As weekends approach, I often look on Practiscore to see what upcoming matches are near me. It seems like IDPA, USPCA, Steel Challenge, 3 Gun matches are almost all on Sundays at clubs near me.

I like completive shooting, but church and family take priority. I have given some thought to concentrating on clays more, because those matches are more common on Saturdays around here.
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