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Not Much Action Here, Let’s See Some Groups

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I’ve been shooting some of my Single Sixes recently and have gotten a few good groups!
Had this SS Single Six out yesterday with the 22LR cylinder in shooting Federal AutoMatch
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Got this 5 shot group at 7 yards shooting standing offhand
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There are 5 shots in there
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Last month I was shooting Hornady Critical Defense FTX 22 Magnums with my Single Six from 1993
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Got this 5 shot group at 15 yards shooting standing off hand, almost covered with a quarter
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Needless to say that these are cherry picked groups
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Let’s see your Single Six groups :cool:
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Unfurl that thing and let it stretch its legs.Get some fifty yard groups out of it. You’ll be surprised at how accurate they can be when you get out there a ways. I had on of those guns in years past and it was uncanny how accurate it was. Should have kept it, but I quit IHMSA silhouette when it died out here in NYS.
The best I could do today at 7 yds off hand
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CCI Mini Mag 36gr HP 22 LR
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With this Single Six again
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I was shooting my Wrangler Sheriff also, but the best I could do was a quarter size group
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:) :(
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I took my 2 Blued Single Sixes to the shooting range today. My oldest SS bought new 47 years ago and my backup SS bought new 30 years ago. Today I was shooting at 15yds standing off hand. My old SS was shooting 22LR, Fed Automatch. 5 groups (5 shots each) were: 1”, 1 1/2”, 1 13/16”, 2 1/4” and 2 1/4”
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My newer Blued SS with Williams Firesights had the 22 Mag cylinder in today and was shooting CCI 40gr JHP. Best group was 1 5/16”.
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Backround is the 1985 Ruger Catalog
It was a good day at the range, I called it a day after the 1” group shown above :)
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More 7 yd groups standing offhand. Nickel and Quarter sized groups that could have been dime size if I hadn’t choked on a shot in each group
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Oops! The group on the right is the same group as shown in post #4 :censored:o_O
I have shown all my Ruger 22’s in this thread, I like the short ones! :)
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