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Norma Tac-22

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The standard Tac-22 has been the best economical “fun” ammunition that I have found. Their “new” Match is better, but for practice I find the standard to be fine
Targets are 50yds with 52C and 52B

Targets shot at 50yds

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Scheels has it on sale sometimes for 3.99 a box.
Last batch I bought direct from Norma for $3.29/bx. After 20% discount code it ended up being no tax or shipping.
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Dang that's a pretty good deal. Is the 20% discount something that comes along often?
A member here posted it. It's the only time I've seen the 20% off. They do 10% pretty often though. This was late Jan or early Feb.
Sorry. It was 3.42 and on Feb 21. I just checked my receipt. I bought a case.
1 - 4 of 29 Posts