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darn....maybe we need to make a plug for that.

Any ideas?
Question was already asked, and already exists:bthumb: :

I asked the same question to a local gun shop. In england we cant own what you would call a charger . However can own a long barrel pistol ruger 10/22. Essentially its a 10/22 in a pistol stock with a 16" barrel. However I was told putting it in a RB evolution stock is a grey area. There is the once a pistol always a pistol view. However If I got it correct in US you cant have a rifle with the barrle legnth of a charger without NFA paperwork for a class III?. I would do what the AR15 guys do with the AR pistol uppers. As the rear of the RB Evolution is the same as an AR15 M4 upper. Fit a pistol plug. Cheap and easy and there is no issues as once it is in. From the eyes of the law you were intenting to use it as a pistol.

$20 from spikes tactical

Im gussing you could get one at a local gun store aswell


1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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