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Still working on windflags, but I got a scope onto the Vickers Martini action shooter and shot it for the first time = Fun shooter!
The beauty of a Martini is it dosen't bust up your sight picture between shots as much as a boltgun.
Weather 70's, light wind eddies from all points of the compass - 5mph, Clear & sunny.
25yds outdoor:
237/3x Scott Irwin, San Jose, Ca. (Ziplok)
Winchester 52B, Unertl 2" 24X scope
Remington/Ely Club (shot up my last box)

229/2X Scott Irwin, San Jose, Ca. (Ziplok)
VickersEmpire Martini, Simmons 8x32 - shot @30X
Aguila Match Rifle ammo
Modifications: added 2" to the buttplate for a 14" LOP and
padded the comb to help adjust for the hi scope mounts.
Ain't pretty yet, but shoots nicely:D

50 yds outdoor:

210/1X Scott Irwin, San Jose Ca. (Ziplok)
Winchester 52B,Unertl 2" 24X
Federal UM1B

Didn't have time to do 50yds with the Vickers - got a Japanese made Tasco36X coming in for it = if it shows before July, I may get a last minute target in ;) ... along with a BAB target or 2:cool:

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nice shootin with the new "purty" ;)
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