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No Bull Challenge

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No Bull Challenge
This one will be a POI game shot at 25 and or 50 yards.


1. Any rifle that meets SuperSport guidelines may be used.

2. Any ammo, Any scope, any rest except machine or return to battery rests. One piece OK.

3. One shot at each "Bull"

4. The card will contain a maximum of 15 shots

5. The inner black portion of the Bull must be touched with the bullet, smudge mark will count or use of a scoring gauge.

6. The Bulls will be shot in order from left to right and top to bottom. Your first miss ends the game.

7. You'll notice there are no sighters on this card you'll have to adjust POI on the fly.

8. Photo of rifle and target must be posted. Please post link to build thread for rifle if you have one.

Link to Target: No Bull Target


25 yard game. 13 Hits And you have a No Bull Contender.

50 yard game 10 Hits and you have a No Bull Contender.​

15 hits at 25 yards makes you a No Bull Shooter​

15 hits at 50 yards makes you a No Bull Challenger​

15 hits at 25 and 50 yards and you have achieved the No Bull Grand Slam​

Can be shot for fun or competition.​


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Where's the link to the printable target?

Faith, Honor, Family
The link is in the op right next to the word target. :D
This game is a little different so please read the rules everyone.
Can't open any thing that looks like a link

Faith, Honor, Family
I gave it a try again this morning.
On my third target, I just made it.
Number 6, and 15 were checked with a bullet, and passed.

Just to show how it can turn on you, here is my first two targets.

Here is a link to my gun.

I printed 53 targets, to start with. I have 48 left.
Next I'll try 50yd's. I hope I have enough.;)

The nice thing about this target is , you don't use up as much of your good ammo. shooting one. You can get 3 targets out of a box of shells.
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Thank you!!!!!

Now to print some off.

Faith, Honor, Family
Very nice shooting Hawkeye! I'll get you added right away.
I am going to play again in the morning. Looking forward to it!
I shot a couple today at 25y.

and this one. I didn't score it because I wasn't sure how it would score. The one on the right, 3rd down the grease mark does break the circle, barely but it does.

this game would be very difficult at 50. it will keep me busy for a while. :bthumb:

old pugsley with lisa.

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Nice shooting Clem-E. :bthumb:

You made it look easy.
50yd's should be a breeze.

I've tried some at 50, and I'll give you a tip.
Shoot them when nobody else is around, so no one see's you scratching your head, and talking to yourself.;)
Nice shooting Clem! :bthumb: Well done!
Please edit your post and add a photo of your rifle so I can add you to the list.

Remember you only need 10 hits to qualify at 50 yards, that shouldn't be too bad. Running the card may be more difficult. :D
Nice shooting Clem-E!! Good to see this match moving along thanks to BigSky1:bthumb:
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My husband (Clem-E) shot this game and it looked fun. So I had him print me off some targets and show me how to play.

my submission

the rifle. Her name is Wednesday. She has a kidd barrel, que trued bolt, kidd accessories including drop in trigger and currently a weaver rv9 scope.

edit: appearantly photobucket is having issues. sorry. :(
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mschatterbox, love your photos! :bthumb:

I took a look at your target, very, very nice! You sure your name isn't Annie Oakley? That's a very nice card. I have to say, even if it isn't a 15. You were center punching those bulls! :bthumb: :Blasting_And a 9X scope? :eek: Well done!
Thanks! I had a blast (no pun) at the range. :):t Happy 4th of July! :F
Nice try though! :bthumb: :Blasting_
Had to try this crazy target

Got all 15 on my first try; although I would have said that I missed on #12 but my scoring gauge is touching the dot, so I'll claim it.

My Supersport Heavy's are a couple of Marlin 7000's.

I didn't post the target because I disqualified myself because I shot it with my new CZ 452 American--ya know how it is when ya got a new gun, ya just want to shoot it.

This No Bull Target makes me really uncomfortable---not because I think I can't hit the dots, I can--but it makes me really nervous to shoot at anything I can't see. If my rifle weren't zeroed to shoot slightly high at 25 yards--there's no way I could have seen those last three dots because the crosshair would have made them disappear.

It's not a safety thing (at least not on the range) but one of my friends from high school was killed by a friend who took a shot at a Gobbler which he couldn't fully see. The Gobbler was close, but he didn't realize that his partner was between him and the Gobbler. And ever since then "Never shoot at anything you can't fully see." has been a rule that put great fear into me.

So, that's why this No Bull Target makes me nervous. I don't want to get used to shooting at anything that is partially obscured.

Oh, and the guy who designed this Target, well, he's messing with our heads:D...really a deceptive masterpiece. A guy who can hit all these at 50 Yards isn't aiming at the dots--he's using the circles to aim. You might classify this as "Trick Shooting". Pretty tricky to hit no matter how ya classify it:)
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Glad you shot the target. Nothing dangerous about it, but I understand what your saying, and where your coming from.

That guy was a crafty wasn't he... :D

I'll clue you in on another thing, @50 yards the littlest ones aren't
the hardest targets to hit. You eluded to why in your post. Smart fellow!:bthumb:
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