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Nib 96/22m

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Found and bought a New in the Box 96/22 Mag and wonder what barrel I need to convert it to 17HMR?..are there any other stocks abailable in case I can only get a heavy barrel..920 diameter for it?

Will the take down for the internals be the same for a 10/22 in regard to the bolt stop for the action?..just put on an extended mag release on a 10/22 and want to do the same for the 96/22..

I also have some magazines that have a red follower in the mag as compared to a black one in the 10/22 and wonder if these are for 22 Mag rounds?..I bought them as 22LR but when I put some 17MK2 rounds in it they just fell out when you shook the mag..

Can not believe my luck on the find..now the search begins for the lever action in 22LR..thanks for any input or suggestions..phil frm alabama