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newby to air rifle

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I am contemplating getting a target quality air rifle to use in my basement during bad weather to keep my feel for summertime benchrest shooting.

It should be .177 caliber, 600-700 fps velocity, good trigger, powered by those small replaceable air cylinders, capable of mounting a scope. Does such an animal exist, what is it and where would I find it? Thanks
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Thank you frog5215 for actually answering the OP question. The OP wants to maintain his benchrest shooting chops over the winter and he's getting a bunch of recommendations for break-barrel springers? Huh?

Just to further amplify on frog5215's excellent recommendations.

The QB78 is a nice Chinese clone of the venerable (and long out of production) Crosman 160. Unfortunately, the QC is hit or miss, so it's best to buy the rifle from someone who will at least look it over.


Archer will go over the rifle and make sure it's not a dud. They also stock some accessories you might need.


Mike Melick at Flying Dragons can do a bit more work if you wish, totally breaking down the rifle, deburring and recrowning as necessary and making the trigger sweeter. His prices are really reasonable as well.

I would get the regular QB78 that takes the C02 carts you can buy at Wal-Mart. A stock .177 rifle will probably get about 50 shots on two carts depending on the temperature of your basement (colder=less shots). After you establish that you enjoy the rifle and wish to reduce your C02 costs you can easily bulk-fill a QB78 with an adapter. Here's more info on C02 bulk fill:


The Crosman Discovery and Marauder that frog5215 mentioned can work on either HPA or bulk C02 (no carts) and would be excellent for bench shooting. The Marauder's 10-pellet mag would be really sweet at the bench, with around 100 silent shots between fills.

I almost bought a QB78 for this spring, the only deterrent for me with this rifle is my shop is too cold to shoot C02 in the winter. I still might get one anyway, but I already have another brown Santa delivery coming Monday. :D
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LOL! A 10,000 pellet a year noob? Buddy. you are well and truly addicted already! I thought you were someone just starting out...

It's time to treat yourself to a decent PCP target rifle, either:



or one of even higher quality ($$$). See if you can get a HPA tank filled in your area and go the SCBA route if you can. Yeah, PCP is more expensive upfront, but you'll have the equipment paid down in a few years with your serious shooting habit.
I can't tell you how many times I've wanted to shoot during the late afternoon after work.
And, had to decide between committing enough time for 60 good shots from a CO2 cartridge - or not.
This may be naive of me ... but, if I didn't have the time to consume the entire cartridge ... I didn't or wouldn't shoot.
Why? I resisted putting my CO2 pistol away with a partially used CO2 cylinder - against factory recommendations.
Bulk-fill C02 guns can and should be stored pressurized. The QB78, like my CR150, vents the C02 powerlet directly into the tube and are basically bulk-fill guns without a fill nipple. That's why you can convert a QB78 to bulk C02 just by changing the cap.

More modern designs like the 2240 feed directly off the powerlet with an o-ring providing the seal. This o-ring tends to flatten if stored with a powerlet, at least on the 2240.
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