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Newbie needs help

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Hi Guys!

Just bought a used 10/22 carbine and plan to keep it stock, with just a few mods:
- VQ Hammer
- Adjustable Sear
- Scope

I'm planning on buying the PC scope mount and a Simmons 44Mag 6.5-20x44 AO

What kind and size of rings should I buy to avoid the scope to interfere with the barrel?

Thanks for your help!
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Burris Signature Zee Rings

I highly recommend the medium matte Burris Signature Zee rings. They are on sale now at Midsouth Shooters Supply. (best price I've seen lately) The medium matte rings are the only ones currently on sale but they are ones you will need for the Simmons 44 Mag scope. I'm using a set with the 44 Mag and a PC mount. The finish matches very well and the height is just right.

You might want to pick up a set of the Pos-Align inserts while you are at it. Midsouth also has about the best price going on them.
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