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Newbee has questions about Boyds Evolution

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I have been lurking for a couple of months and I recently bought a starter. I have bought and installed a Boyds EVO SS and installed a Tasco 3-9-40 for now. My question is my receiver has what I would call excessive play in the rear of the stock to receiver. I have been reading about bedding and think I will try it. For the pillar it looks as if it should be proud of the floor of stock by .002-.010" ?? It would also seem that the pillar should basically contact the scuccion or just shy?? so as to eliminate any compression?? Seeing that the rear is somewhat loose would it be best to remove material under the pillar or will bedding eliminate the loosness in the rear. Where to apply bedding??

Does anyone have pics of the Boyds Evoultion with bedding and/or pillar completed.

My Build is going to be: Mostly range/rest shooting for now (Dyna points)
GM 18" blue or SS flutted
KIDD trigger setup (by me)? Doesn't seem to difficult
Volquartsen Auto bolt release
Burris Sig. 1"rings
Mueller 4.5-14x40 APV

I'm open to any helpful suggestions. This is going to be the first of 3 or 4 builds as I have twin 8yr old boys that love to shoot.
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