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Forget the others.. if you want proven accuracy go KIDD.. period. And why else would you want a barrel? .. accuracy.:bthumb::bthumb:

For most Gents the KIDD Lt. Wt. is plenty accurate.. I can't tell much if any diff. comparing the Heavy Target barrels.. I own a dozen or so KIDD's..Assorted.
And they are fluted up as purdy as you want... https://www.coolguyguns.com/Lightweight-Rifle_c_28.html

If you are arstyfartsy and want to decor them it's real do-able...

The Ultra Lt's are accurate as well and cheaper...just not guaranteed 1/2MOA.. but there again for most Gents they are plenty accurate...https://www.coolguyguns.com/Ultra-Lightweight-Rifle_c_27.html

Forget this part.. "I take it regular barrels are crowned and fine and any compensator has some sort of benefit like reduction of recoil or barrel rise." - non-issue and in some cases the Comp actually deters accuracy... and Brutha there is no recoil.

The threaded option is real good on KIDD's.. barely can see it.. and IF you intend to ad a suppressor down the road it's a must.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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