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Newark, Delaware

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Larry Fletcher is our first Delaware shooter: Welcome Larry.

Went to the range today to shoot my new toy. This is my first entry into the on-line matches and the second time I have shot this rifle.
Outdoor at 50 yards
228-2X, Larry Fletcher, Newark, Delaware (Retiree)
Anschutz 64 MPR, Leupold Vari-X III.40mm AO. [email protected], Lapua Signum
Stock rifle with stainless barrel. Anschutz scope mounts.

..... Larry
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Welcome to the Matches Larry!

With a score like that it looks like you are gonna do OK.

Retired!....Don't rub it in. I just bought a new house, I think I'll still be at it for a while. I should be able to retire in about thirty years...*sheesh* JL :(
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