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New-to-Me MKIII Slab Side.

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Stopped by a range sale today and grabbed a MKIII Slabside Target Model. I've missed my MK ever since i sold it and i'm happy to be back in it's good graces.

It's missing a grip screw, but i'll get that fixed. Other than that it works very well.

I got it for $299, Which i didn't think was too bad. what do you guys think? I'm sure it's been very well used since it was a range rental in it's previous life, but it looks none the worse for wear.

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Grip Screw

The Brownell's #7 Screwdriver is a perfect fit for the grip screws. Hopefully the screw simply backed out and the hole is not stripped. Brownells has them for cheap. Order several, and while you're at it order a couple of safety detents and springs. You just might need them one day. Don't ask me how I know! :t
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