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new to me 1983 ruger 10/22

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Picked this 1983, all original 10/22 up for cheap a few weeks ago. Had some rust on the barrel and the action was incredibly dirty. I stripped it down, cleaned it good and put it back together with a VQ bolt tune up kit, auto bolt release and target hammer kit, factory extended mag release and a pic rail on top with some medium rings (it had super tall scope rings that mounted directly to the receiver that allowed you to see the sights underneath the scope) and then put it in an old wood stock I had in the closet. Got most of the barrel rust off but it did have some minor pitting in the finish. When I bought it had an old Choate folding stock on it that had a top barrel shroud piece that clipped to the barrel, which in turn left some pretty good scratches on the barrel so barrel finish doesn't look great but the bore looks good. Overall I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. Still has the metal trigger group and barrel band (photo has plastic band but I've since put the metal one back on). Thinking for now I'm going to just keep it how it is and use it as a plinker but down the road I might put a new barrel on it. I'll try to get some original photos up later for contrast.
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