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New scope for Scorpion & Ammo Test

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Kudos to longrange223 for selling me this Burris 3-9 w/AO last month! Had a spot on the glass inside and since I live in Burris town, they took it apart, cleaned it up inside and ran a complete test. Mounted it up yesterday and hit the Prairie.

Naked pistol weighs 3# 6.5oz as its all stainless with Black Nitride finish. The steel comp for this weighs 4.5oz vs 2 for the aluminum but probably unnecessary and it would smudge up the end of the scope if installed.

Add the scope and its now 4# 12.5oz. I love this mount as it just clears the front sight and with the two big 12mm screws is very easy to switch to any pistol with a picatinny rail for ammo testing.

Attach the bi-pod and its now 5# 10.5oz and very stable off a bench with rear bag.

At 50 yards, 5 round groups no cherry picking results:
CCI Blazer 40gr - 1.662, 1.201, 1.637 and 1.567. Had not shot Blazers in decades but needed some for cold weather dependability in four pistols.
Old Wolf Match Target - .405 & .589
SK Pistol Match - .915, .376 & .984
Eley Club - .863, 1.372, 1.312, .903 & .948

Need to test a couple of lots of SK+ next time. Pretty encouraging day with some groups that rival my Kidd S.G. 20" w/25x dot scope! Crosswind at 8mph+ and a not too stable Caldwell bench are my two excuses for not doing better. Will need to learn how to use my mono-pod or a tall bi-pod for field use as the 9x wiggle factor is extreme offhand.
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