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New Savage Mark II FTF & binding bolt

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I just bought a brand new Mark II 22lr for my Grandson's 11th b'day. We took it out shooting and was mildly disappointed. The bolt was binding to the point that you could not force it ahead sometimes. You had to pull back on the knob and then push forward where it attaches to the bolt. Then it would grind its way forward. It was extremely difficult to open due to binding of the cocking mechanism.

About every 5th shell would Fail to Fire because of virtually no firing pin indentation. The ones that fired had good indentation. Apparently the firing pin was binding intermittently.

I did some bolt polishing and polishing of the mating surfaces and it is about how I would have expected it to have been in the worst case out of the box. Dry firing on spent casings now gives good repeatability of indentation. I did not take the bolt apart as I did not see readily how it came apart.

I will be leaving now so won't have any more time to actually work on it for a couple of months. It is functional but not what I would have hoped for.

Shooting wise I was able to get about a .5" group at 25 yards with open sites with Federal Lightning (30 yr old 510) so it appears that it will be a decent shooter once the bolt conditions are remedied. I ran a couple of clips through as fast as I could work the bolt and it fed reliably so the feed system should be ok.

Is anyone familiar with any particular areas of the bolt contact that should be worked on, besides the cocking mechanism?

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Try loosening off the action screws to see if that helps. I've heard of guns where the fit from the stock to the action screw posts is bad and it bends the action to the point where the bolt does not stroke smoothly. If this helps, then check to be sure there is clearance between the threaded posts which come down from the action, and the wood in the stock.

The other part that can be an issue is the ejector plate. It is in the middle of the bottom of the bolt. See the photo below. Make sure it fits cleanly in the slot in the bolt, and comes just short of the top of the slot in the bolt.

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