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New Rossi Gallery gun availability

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Hello. Learned in the 50's on my dad's old Browning. Purchased a Henry a few years back. Recently read about the new Rossi. Resonably priced at least by manufacturers estimates. Been looking to get one but everyone seems sold out. Any ideas as to where one available. Bud, Cheaper Than Dirt, Etc seem to be sold out.
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Found one at Tamopa Shooters World on one of their weekend sales for $249. It's not as nice as the 62 and not take down but other than the RED wood it's not bad for fit and finish. A little stiff in the action and much cheap construction, like plastic trigger guard and "Zink" chassis and painted finish rather than blued. Have not had a chance to take to the range but got a scope mounted on it and it's seems to mount and function OK. Hopefully it will shoot as well as it looks.
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