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New Rifle, What a Deal!

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To preface this post, I have been looking hard at getting a 22 caliber centerfire rifle for a couple of weeks now and hadn't quite decided between getting a .223 or a 22-250. I almost pulled the trigger on getting a used Remington 700 VTR .223 earlier this week but decided against it, partly because I hadn't heard positive things about the stock and partly because I thought it would be more responsible of me to wait a month or so and to be more frugal. Well, once I saw this deal today all prudence went out the window...

Here is what I got for $400.

Savage 12BVSS .223[stainless, fluted heavy barrel on a laminated stock]
Harris Bipod
Plastic hardshell case
4-16x50 Nikko Stirling Scope[decent scope though I plan on getting a Leupold VX-II]

As an added bonus, the guy gave me 100 rounds of Remington UMC 223 rounds and also 60 rounds of PMC Bronze 223.

:Blasting_ :)

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Nice outfit :D

Just a little note though I would carefully check the fast focuss eye piece on any Nikko Sterling scope as the new 4.5-14x50AO Gold Crown I brought it's very loose and flops about in the eye bell making it useless for centrefire. It seems to hold up to .22LR. Hopefully yours is good and does not have this problem. I sent two scoeps back because of thsi fault so that's three Nikko Sterlings that had the same problem to some degree or another.
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