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New Rifle, What a Deal!

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To preface this post, I have been looking hard at getting a 22 caliber centerfire rifle for a couple of weeks now and hadn't quite decided between getting a .223 or a 22-250. I almost pulled the trigger on getting a used Remington 700 VTR .223 earlier this week but decided against it, partly because I hadn't heard positive things about the stock and partly because I thought it would be more responsible of me to wait a month or so and to be more frugal. Well, once I saw this deal today all prudence went out the window...

Here is what I got for $400.

Savage 12BVSS .223[stainless, fluted heavy barrel on a laminated stock]
Harris Bipod
Plastic hardshell case
4-16x50 Nikko Stirling Scope[decent scope though I plan on getting a Leupold VX-II]

As an added bonus, the guy gave me 100 rounds of Remington UMC 223 rounds and also 60 rounds of PMC Bronze 223.

:Blasting_ :)

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