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Nice deal!

Wow, nice deal....err, i mean steal!

I have the same rifle in both .223 and .204. The .204 has a thumbhole stock.

My .223 is extremely accurate. I've tested several factory loads and mine likes Win 55gr Ballistic Silvertips the best. I had a Vias muzzle brake installed and glad I did so. I mounted a VXIII 6.5x20x40 with the VH reticle which I can't say enough about. This has been my "go to" varmint rig since I bought it new 2-3 years ago. No prairie dog has been safe within 400 yds. To me, this is the ultimate "off the shelf" varmint rig.

IMO, Savage got it right on this model. Enjoy your new toy. It's a keeper!:bthumb:
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