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I'll venture a conjecture here. I suspect the folks who purchased this trigger did so hoping that it was superior to the established offerings, and found that it fell short of the top tier, but noticeably better than most examples of the BX. I believe that if it were, in fact or even perception, superior to any of the Kidd or VQ products - they would be extolling the virtues of it ad nauseum.

This, admittedly, is just my personal opinion. Everyone roots for an underdog, and many would love to find something better and cheaper. And I'd be very surprised if the anti-koolaid crowd would pass up the chance to poke the bear if they had a stick. :)
Sounds about right. I'd never heard of PRP until this thread from nearly a year and a half ago got resurrected a few days ago. So I don't imagine their 10/22 trigger group has been a huge success. No matter how good it might feel, the downfall has got to be using a plastic housing at a price that'll get you close to a proven high-end design with a finely machined alloy housing.

I hate to knock a product in a vendor's own thread, but if they peek in they might as well hear it straight. Between Ruger's own BX ($), popular drop-ins ($-$$), smithing stock triggers ($$-$$$) & existing/legendary high-end complete trigger groups ($$$$-$$$$$), it's a tough market to break into without some advantage, whether that advantage be price or superior quality. If you're going to compete in a high-priced ($$$$) bracket, consumers are going to want more than just function, they're going to expect style too. Sorry!
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