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New product free samples

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WE are happy to announce another new product at www.urbanriflesupply.com
we now make a traditional archery broadhead for primitive archers and self bow shooters. Perfect for your bug out bag. These are patterned after trade points of centuries ago. They are uniform in size and weight. They weigh 180 grains and come unsharpened. They can be sharpened with a grinder, belt sander a file or even a rock. These are so new that I do not have a video on them yet, but I do have plenty in stock. I have not yet updated my website for this item, just use the email feature and ask for one, include a shipping address and I will ship you one. Please go tour our website and contact me through the email feature and request a free sample broadhead and I will send you one. There is no catch, just a simple old fashioned promotion. Maybe you will like it and order a few more. They are priced at $16 for ten. Thank you.
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