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New Martini International owner looking for replacement Left hand Stock

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I am a brand new owner of a BSA Martini International Mk II here in Manitoba, Canada. From what I can tell, this rifle was built between 1954 and 1957. I have really enjoyed reading though the many posts on this site to educate myself with this beautiful rifle. The information provided gives me the confidence to work with this rifle. I know I will be reaching out as I learn more about this rifle to get questions hopefully answered by all the experienced owners on this site so in advance, thank you.

My first of many questions. I am left handed and of course my rifle is set up with the correct right handed stock with the raised cheek piece. Are there any members that may have a left handed rear stock available for sale? If not, any information as to where I may be able to track down a new or used old stock replacement? Here are a few pictures of my new mk II.

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I appreciate it. Thanks. I will check it out.
Some time ago on the ASSRA forum there was a post about the remainder of the Martini parts from the late John Appleton‘s business being sold to a couple of fellows. I was there at the Front Royal store some 7-8 years ago and there were crates of stock pieces. You might get on that forum to see if somebody there can hook you up. I had the link saved but it comes up now as missing. The original post was maybe a year and a half ago.

I appreciate it. Thanks. I will check it out.
And I forgot the most important thing - enjoy the rifle! I had the hots for one ever since I was a kid and to finally have one (Intl M2) just puts a smile on my face whenever I look at it. I may be buried with the thing!

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