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New LVT Stainless

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A trip to my not-so-local mega gun shop led me to bring home a new LVT Stainless. Surprisingly it was the same price as the blued model, and it has a pretty nice hardwood stock with a fair amount of figure in it. As I recall there have been several posts stating that the stainless ones had been kind of hard to find lately so I lucked out, although I am usually more of a blued/walnut kind of shooter. My brother bought the blued (black??) version several months ago and I thought it was a really nice assembly for a good price, although I think he may have actually have paid a bit more for his. Mounted a 2x7x32 Vortex Crossfire II rimfire scope on it and am looking forward to taking it to the range soon. One bummer is that this trigger is certainly nothing to be impressed with. Pretty gritty and rather heavy, not nearly as nice as the trigger on the Walnut Sporter I bought several months back. If some range time doesn’t smooth it out I will probably upgrade the trigger assembly with the Ruger BX trigger.

There was a pretty good selection at this place, having in stock a Talo stainless French Walnut 10/22, a walnut Sporter and a carbine model (I guess) with a 22“ barrel, as well as a Bergara semi-auto and a Magnum Research semi-auto in 22WMR. I really liked the Talo with the French walnut stock but couldn’t justify spending an additional $150 on it.

Hopefully I will get to break it in soon.
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Hopefully you can see the 3/8 dovetail on the top.
If you're going to spend the money on a trigger, Brimstone is performing trigger jobs again.
Thanks! I am going to try the Volquartsen target hammer kit first to see if I can get it done on the cheap. I have 3 10/22s and 2 Chargers that I would like to clean up the triggers on.

add this for now. Great upgrade for the cost.
I just installed this kit in my LVT and my Sporter and am very happy with the results. Much lighter trigger pull and much less creep. Well worth the price! Unfortunately I watched a video on the Voltquarsen site that demonstrated installing a slightly different kit, so I went the unnecessary step of removing the trigger. I also really like the change in the bolt release.

Thank you!!
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