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New LA101 Porch Report. 🙂

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So with daylight hours what they are I decided I couldn’t wait for Saturday to take the new LA101 to the range. I just had to get some rounds down the pipe even if it is only at 30 yards off the front porch.

So using my sons caldwell rest that was in my other pics, and a box of Wolf match target in hand, I put up two targets to at least get it on paper, and somewhat zero’d.

After pulling the bolt and boresighting it the first group was 2.5” right, and 2” low.

Adjusted as above and was pretty much zero’d. Groups immediately started tightening.

The trigger needs work. I love the weight, but I’m getting more creep out of it the more I shoot it. I haven’t shot rifle, or anything but a bow release consistently in years.

The fourth group I decide to try off hand leaning against a porch post for the hell of it. I used to compete and have a lot of ground to make up if I’m gonna hit those little grey critters consistently.

The last group I made some adjustments to the rest and my seating position and had a real good group going. I was a lot more stable, and then the trigger weight got me. She went off before I was ready.

All in all I’m happy with this first little outing even if it was only 30 yards.

I love the overall feel of the rifle. This is my first 60° bolt throw and would kiss the guy that thought of it. The action over all is amazing.

A couple of things I didn’t talk about before…

The safety, it’s positive. Very smooth, and deliberate to operate, with a nice solid click you would expect from a quality deer rifle.

Lastly, the sound it makes if you dry fire it.

I know dry firing a .22 can be considered a faux pas to some, but in the past some .22’s when dry fired seemed dainty, and had this thin tink sound to it.

When you drop the hammer on this thing it sounds like my deer rifles. A solid thud erupts from the breech when you squeeze the trigger.

The gun really is in my mind under rated, and well built for the money… a great value compared to others on the market.

Anyway, enough raving about this thing. Here’s the targets.

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